Sal's Capacitor Corner will be closed from

Sunday January 16th until Monday January 24th
to catch up packing orders once again.
When I started Sal's Capacitor Corner about 10 years ago,
I never thought it would grow to what it is today. I started with
the 10 most used values from .001uf to .1uf axial lead capacitors
and I reinvested my profits adding more and more parts that my
customers asked me to stock. I made a big investment stocking
resistors to the tune of almost $5000 to better serve my customers
and trying to make it one stop shopping.

January 2021, I decided to stop working at my full time job where
I worked for 44 years and 1 day at one company due to a progressive
disease that only gets worst as time goes by which is Parkinson's Disease.
I thought since I am not working, I can handle packing the orders but for
some reason, the amount orders increase at the same time.

To my customers who already paid or sent me a order but I didn't reply
to yet, I will email you soon.

My apologies for this inconvenience.   

Thank you for business and understanding.