Total Dynaco ST-70 Restoration

Here are 2 photos showing a customers Dynaco ST-70
I restored. As you can see from the before restoration picture,
this Dynaco ST-70 was modified with holes drilled on top,
the fuse holder was moved from the back to the top and
1 RCA jack mounted on top also. The transformers were also
rusted and pitted and a couple of tubes not in good shape.

This amp probably was stored in a damp place when it was not in use.
 My customer wanted his amplifier to look like it did when it was new
so he asked if I can replace the chassis and paint the transformers
for an additional charge.

Before Restoration

Below is a picture how the amplifier looks like after the restoration. I replaced
the chassis with a new polished stainless steel reproduction chassis from I disconnected and removed the transformers from the old chassis,
 removed the end bells, sanded and gave them 2 coats of Rustoleum black primer and 2
coats of Rustoleum semi-gloss black paint. I also did the same procedure to the
transformer cores. I then reassembled them and mounted the transformers to
 the new polished stainless steel reproduction chassis that will never pit and rust.

Restored ST-70

I thoroughly cleaned the original printed circuit board and replaced
every capacitor on it with new quality parts. I also replaced the original
RCA jacks in the front with new gold plated jacks that are slightly
 furthur apart from the original jacks to allow newer RCA cables to fit
and used new stainless steel screws to mount everything on the chassis.

I also replaced the quad electrolytic power supply capacitor with a
new manufactured replacement that has more capacitance.

I replaced the original 2 wire line cord with a new 3 wire line cord and
also replaced the original speaker terminals with new ones.

I also restore Dynaco ST-35, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 4
SCA 35 and PAM 1, PAS-2, Pas-3 and Pas-3X preamplifiers.

I can also repair you antique tube radios.

Please email me with any questions you might have so we can
discuss what you want done to your amp and pricing.
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