Eico 660 Self Service Tube Tester
"same as Mercury model 204"

I have been looking for a tube tester like this for years and finally came
across one on ebay. It was close enough for me to pick it up (120 miles one way)
which was the reason why I bought it.


Much to my surprize, I found an unopened envelope with the original
paperwork for this tester. As you can see, it was manufactured by Mercury.
It came with the schematic, tube substitution guide, warranty card and
installation instructions.

Here is the original blank warranty registration card.


Plenty of tube storage. I also have the keys to lock the door.

Here is another great ebay find, a 1940's lighted tube tester
sign I am going to hang from chains above my self service tube tester.

The sign on top of my tube tester to show how large this sign is.


updated 11/07/2005