IV-9 Numitron clock with Alarm

Here is my IV-9 based Numitron clock. It has an alarm with a snooze button.
The Decimal point on the left is the PM indicator and the decimal
point on the right is the alarm on indicator.

This clock uses the S1998 direct drive clock IC that can drive LED's directly
but to drive numitrons I used ULN2002's to handle the extra current. You
can see the buzzer on the left which can wake up the dead!

As with all my clocks, I prefer point to point wiring. Sorry about
the blurry picture.

The clock almost completed. I used a 12vct transformer but used the
center tap to feed the LM317 adjustable regulator which is cool to the touch.

I bought this retro 1970's enclosure in a radio swap meet which housed some
kind of RF amplifer. Unfortunitely there were holes drilled in the front and back
so I utilized them for my switches and cut around them for the display.

Nice rounded edges. I added a transparent red plexiglass to the front. This
picture does not do justice as the color is a deeper red than shown.

The back showing the switches. The upper left is the snooze button, the upper right
is to set the alarm. The toggle switch is to turn on the alarm and the other 2 are
 the slow and fast set switches. I know... I used an orange line cord, what can
I say, I have 100 of them...


updated 04/01/2006