My Nixie clock
Here are a few photo's taken on 1/02/2003 of the 6 digit nixie clock I am building. So far this is the layout of the 17 sockets soldered on my circuit board. This clock will use TTL IC's. They are 7441 decoder drivers, 7490, 7492, 7410 and 7400. I am debating which Nixie tubes to use. I have about 110 Nixie tubes in my collection.

A little overkill with the IC's but I am building it late 60's style!

I decided to experiment on my mini breadboard. Here you see wired is a decade counter. The IC's on this board used are 555 timer, 7490 decade counter and a 7441 decoder driver. The Nixie tube used is a National NL-5441a.

This is the revised schematic of my 6 digit Nixie Clock

Here are some photos of my Nixie Clock plugged in and working. It was a lot of
work to build it this way but it was worth it.

Below is the wiring side of the board. When I wired the board, I didn't realize I had all the IC's reversed so
I had to cross all the wires from one side to the other wiring the Nixie cathodes to the 74141 driver.

Here are 2 photos of a 1 tube Nixie clock I built using a AT90S2313 Amtel AVR and code
written by James Sweet. I built 3 of these so far and gave 2 of them away as presents,
one of them ending up in Saudia Arabia. I had to install the clock in a case so why
not use a birdhouse! The photo on the right is the inside of the electronics.


Click Here to see my 40mm IN-18 nixie clock
building in progress

Sorry for the large photos. More photos to come as I
build my clock.

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