Philco 41-290

I purchased this Philco 41-290 from an auction we had at our monthly New Jersey Antique
       Radio Club meeting. A member had purchased this radio from an estate with the intentions
       of donating the profits to the club after his expenses. His reserve was $85.00 (the price he
       paid) but the bidding only went to $50.00. I offered him what he paid for it and he accepted.
       This radio is almost mint. The radio cabinet needed a good cleaning and I went over it with
       Howards Restore a finish to cover up some scratches and to give it a nice sheen. The knobs,
       pushbuttons, escutcheon and grillcloth are all original with escutcheon having minor
       shrinkage. The radio needs to be recapped as there is a slight hum. The only problem with
       the cabinet is on the top where a couple of 1/8th inch squares of veneer came off when he
       pulled the radio out of his van. You can see a picture of it on the bottom of this page.

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